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What to Expect When you Visit

We hope you'll notice each of these parts of our worship times together when you choose to visit us.


First United Methodist offers a worship service that includes traditional hymns and modern songs. We also feature an adult choir, bell choir, and worship leaders to help us sing as a community. Even if you haven't experienced communal singing in a while, we'll help you find a way to be inspired and uplifted as you join with us in song.

Scripture & prayer

Scripture. It's the basis of what draws us together. For us, we look at scripture through our own experience, reason, and tradition in order to understand it. Each week, we pause to hear scripture read aloud.

Prayer. It's one of the ways we pause and honor the holy in our midst. At FUMC, we believe in praying together and for each other. Each week, we offer communal prayers and we also invite those present to submit a prayer request for anything that has been on their mind.


Prayer. It's one of the ways we pause and honor the holy in our midst.

Woman with Bible


We believe that scripture becomes inspiring and relevant when we hear it explained through preaching. The stories and teaching of preaching make scripture come alive every day.

Children Are Welcome!

We offer a Children's Time each Sunday and Sunday School during worship led by a full-time educator with a Master's Degree and years of art therapy with children. Parents can always leave worship to check on children.

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