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We Are United Methodist

First United Methodist Church is a part of a global connection of churches known as the United Methodist Church. In our part of Illinois, there are over 300 congregations with whom we are in ministry. Together, we do more than any single church could do alone.


One of the major contributions of the United Methodist Church is that we prioritize and value each individual's experience. Your understanding of God and scripture may be different than someone else's. As we share with you the beliefs that bring us together as United Methodists, you do not have to agree with any of these in order to know that you belong.

United Methodist Beliefs

It Starts with Grace

We believe that grace, God's total acceptance of who we are, is essential to all that we do.


Grace is there before we recognize it. Grace also makes us want to be fully who we can be. And it's grace that pushes us to share that same acceptance to each other. 

Social Principles

United Methodists use both our hearts AND our minds when we think about how to best act in the world. We don't tell you what to believe but help guide you as you form your own faith.


We've put those together guidelines together in something called our Social Principles. Click Below for more information

Small Groups Matter

United Methodists have long thought finding a place where you belong matters. We were the first religious group that started Sunday Schools and among the early adopters of support groups for women and men.

Our local church reflects this by having study groups, choirs, and other ways you can find and foster friendships and belonging.


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