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Children's Ministry

Children have always been important to what we do at First United Methodist Church of Lombard. We have children's sermons each week AND a special Sunday  School time during worship. Our children's ministry is led by our seminary-educated Children's Ministry Director who has been an art therapist for children for many years.

Women's Ministry

We have a small group for women that has met for decades. This group meets once-a-month on Tuesdays during the day. You are invited to come and laugh, enjoy refreshments, and find new friendships. Email for more information.

Pastoral Support

We have pastors who will sit with you and listen. We care about hearing what you have to say and allowing faith to form in you. Email to start a contact with one of our pastors. You can also call us at 630-627-2508

Other Ministries

From La Leche League on Tuesday nights to Study Groups on Wednesday night to Cub Scouts on Fridays, we have lots of other activities to offer.


Click our calendar link to see a few offerings or email us at to find out more!

Click one of the links below to find out more about the ministries we support in our space and around Lombard.

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